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About Us

St.MacNissi’s Pre-School (24 place setting)

This year our Pre-School children are involved in 2 Early Years' projects:

  1. Big Bedtime Read which involves working with a number of other Pre-School settings.

  2. 'Sharing from the Start' a project which will involve bringing children from St. MacNissi's Pre-School and Mossley Nursery together for exciting and enjoyable play sessions throughout the year.


At St MacNissi’s we understand the concern every parent has when relinquishing their child into someone else’s care. That is why we take care and time to ensure that both parent and child settle into our Pre-School environment. As parents we want you to feel confident in the provision provided and we want your child to have the opportunity to want to investigate everything around them.
Pre-School provides a great experience in your child’s early development and we aim to create a stimulating and enjoyable safe and secure environment where children can learn through play to build up both their confidence and social skills in a happy, relaxed atmosphere.
Throughout a busy day, a challenging and enjoyable structured ‘Play Based Learning’ programme includes painting, sand and water play, outdoor play, music and drama, art and craft and learning about other cultures. Children are also encouraged to explore and develop skills in early Literacy and Numeracy as well as developing their understanding of the World Around them.
Snack times are regular and involve experimenting with new foods and tastes. Outings also form part of our programme which covers many areas of learning.

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